We believe technology and paper should play nice.

Until technology can replicate the intutive experience of working with paper, there will always be a place for the traditional tools we have always used. Paper has been around since 200 BC, and until recently there was no serious competition. The iPad has numerous advantages over paper in many tasks, processing standardized forms in the cloud for example. However, it will never surpass the ease of paper for quickly jotting down notes, or letting the creative juices flow down from your brain and out through your hands. You shouldn't have to choose between using paper or using an iPad. Our goal is to let you pick both.


Our Story.

Clipboard+ started simply with the idea for a clipboard that would allow the user to attach his or her smartphone to the clip. However, ideas alone do not make businesses. So in early 2012 Kevin Merlini along with fellow Penn State students Eric Reale, Dan(Zhaojun) Chu, and Patrick Ryan founded Clipboard+ to turn the idea into a reality. Working with a team of PSU engineering students, the team developed the Clipboard+ iPad to compliment the original idea for a smartphone clipboard. Armed with prototypes of both products the Clipboard+ team put together a Kickstarter campaign that Summer. The campaign was successful and raised enough money to continue the business.

During the Fall of 2012 Clipboard+ worked on fulfilling Kickstarter orders and taking the iPad product past its initial prototype stage. For the first few months of 2013 the founders of Clipboard+ were forced to put the business on the backburner to focus on other personal obligations. After the brief hiatus the team got back to work improving the product, switching manufacturers, and completely overhauling the order fulfillment process. Going forward Clipboard+ plans to introduce several new product lines, and aims to become the most trusted brand of clipboard-integrated mobile accessories.



Our business owes its existence to a successful Kickstarter campaign ran in July of 2012. Kickstarter not only provided us with the necessary capital to get started, but we also received a supportive community of users, valuable feedback, and an initial test of the market for our product. We asked our backers if we could thank them by listing their names on our website. Clipboard+ would not be here today without the contributions of the individuals listed below along with those not listed here, thanks!


  • Aaron Egbert Allsop
  • Adam Reale
  • Alexander Suero
  • Andrew Faga
  • Andrew Michael
  • Anne Wind
  • Annette Rafalowski
  • APPEK Mobile Apps
  • Ayushman Khazanchi
  • Ben Perkins
  • Bill C
  • Bill Ryan
  • BluePnut
  • Bruno Duarte
  • Carson McCallum
  • Charles
  • Chip & Katie
  • Chris Merlini
  • Christine Lopez
  • Cindy Reale
  • Daniel Faga & Alyson Nelson
  • Darren Ingram


  • Dave Cattie
  • E. R.
  • Eri Gabi
  • Evan Freedman
  • Evan Snyder
  • Gear 37 CMU
  • Gopal Srinivasan
  • Greg Pierce
  • Greg S.
  • Guenter Scherfler
  • Gwen
  • H.J. Madison
  • Holly Merlini
  • Jean-Pierre Rodriguez
  • Joanne Kline
  • Joe Berger
  • John O'Reilly
  • Jonathan W.
  • Joseph de Leon
  • Judy Shearer Reale
  • Julia Wells
  • Kathryn Blitz


  • Kathy Martin
  • Kevin W. Merlini Sr.
  • Larry, Pat & Theresa O'Reilly
  • Liz Kisenwether
  • Lou Merlini
  • Luke
  • Margaret Gleason
  • Mariana Stolee
  • Maris Mullen
  • Mark Mellon
  • Mary McCabe Robinson
  • Matt Poese
  • Maureen M
  • Maurice Zhu
  • Michael Reale
  • Mira Weinfeld
  • Miriam M. Malloy
  • Molly Merlini
  • Mr. G Products
  • M. T.
  • Neel Mehta
  • Neil Wilson


  • Nick Blair
  • Nick Sainato
  • Nora Head
  • R. Finkenaur
  • Raymond Edwards
  • Robert Wankmuller
  • Roger Osorio
  • Ron Maddox
  • Rosie Wells
  • Sand Dollar Real Estate- Long Beach Island
  • Scarffs Nursery and landscape
  • Scott Kahan
  • Steven Kahan
  • Susan Baroncini-Moe, Business in Blue Jeans
  • Sutasinee McClary
  • Suzanne & Russ Loverdi
  • Tim Hulsey, MD
  • Traci Murdock
  • Victoria Moore
  • William Wells

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